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White Men Dating Black Women

I have been reading many articles and some books Attempting to probe into some reason why more and a white men are beginning to date black girls others don't, and why some may still be opposed to it. So first, why are white men dating black women?

My perspective on this subject
As a clarification, I wish to make it clear that I don't try, at least not consciously, to limit myself to solely pursuing black ladies or dating. I would love to think that I am and have been open to dating women from all cultural and racial backgrounds. However, once I did go black, as the popular saying goes, it appears like, at least lately, it's been difficult for me to go back.
I've heard men find many reasons for black women
A lot of those stereotypes may be true and probably contribute to white men wanting to date black women, I think those reasons don't address the reason, which is that differences attract.
This is not to say that women or men and many cities around the world are becomin…